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USA built Peavey Generation TM S2 series

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 283342607298586850 USA built Peavey Generation TM S2 series

1990 USA built Peavey Generation TM S2 Series. Not to be confused with EXP asian built Peaveys. Quality built instrument which will last forever. Quilted maple cap on a mahogany body with flamed maple neck and headstock with a rosewood fret board. Features peavey active pick ups with 3 way selector, coil tap mini toggle plus vol and tone controls. Has Kahler Spyder locking trem system. neck, frets intonation and action all good and elctrics work fine. No issues to address. It is in very good condition for 20 yr old instrument, no significant dings, a few laquer indents mainly around the base ( see pictures). A couple of reviews from harmony central sum guitar up very well. http://www.harmonycentral.com/products/97242 The S2 was manufactured in Mississippi from 1989 to 1992. Tele-shaped solid mahoganey body with a maple cap similar to a Les Paul or PRS. Weight is comparable to a Paul, yes, they are heavy. 25.5" scale flamed maple neck with ebony fingerboard and abalone fret marker inlays. Schaller die-cast tuners, Kahler Spyder locking tremolo, Peavey Active pickups (humbucker in the bridge, single coil in the neck) designed by Bartolini. The S2 has one volume and one tone, a three way pickup selector switch, and what seems to be a coil tap switch for the humbucker, but on closer inspection, it turns out to be a "faux coil tap" that introduces a capacitor into the circuit to mimic the tonal qualities of a coil tap, but without sacrificing the quiet operation of the humbucker. The S2 is a beautiful instrument. MSRP in 1989 was $1300 and they came in a variety of unique finishes. I own three S2 Gennys. My first is a translucent red with a flamed maple top and gold hardware, the second is hot pink (e.g. Pepto Bismol!) with black hardware, and the third is an interesting silver and black metallic swirl pattern that kind of reminds me of a bowling ball... icon wink USA built Peavey Generation TM S2 series The "Bowling Ball" has black hardware too. All of the finishes have a solid urenthane clear coat to protect them and resist the aging process, which the S2's do very well. These guitars were over-built in more ways than one, and are equal or superior to high-end custom guitars that cost thousands of dollars today. One feature that the S2's don't have, but they should, is accurate production numbers from Peavey. Peavey is one of the best companies to deal with in terms of customer service, but at the time they were manufacturing the S1, S2, and S3 Generation Series guitars, they didn't keep accurate records of how many they produced. Or at least that's what they tell me. This lack of accurate production figures limits the desirablility of these instruments to serious collectors, which could be a good thing if you look at what happens to vintage guitar prices once serious collectors get involved... Collectable or not, the S2 is a great guitar with many desirable features and boutique-level quality. The people I know who own S2 Genny's don't sell them, and for good reason. It would cost over $2000 USD to build a similar guitar today. My S2's are all keepers. Action, Fit, & Finish: Can't comment on this since all of mine were purchased used. I have had all of mine professionally set-up, and they all look, sound, and play fantastic. Sound Quality: A lot of standard sounds can be acheived, but the Peavey Active pickups also have a unique thing all their own. Although they do physically resemeble EMGs, they don't sound like EMGs. They sound like Bartolinis. There is almost no magnetic pull on the strings at all, and with the right amp, very convincing "acoustic" clean sounds can be coaxed from the neck pickup. The humbucker sounds reminiscent of a Duncan Custom, but with more transparency. Using the single coil and humbucker in combination with the "faux" coil tap will deliver typical Tele-type sounds, but again, with more transparency. Also, keep in mind that despite the Tele body shape, since the S2 has a free-floating tremolo, it doesn't respond like a guitar with a stoptail piece. The S2 has it's own thing going on. If you like a solid mahoganey guitar with a locking tremolo, you will like the S2. If you don't like locking tremolos or have an aversion to heavy=bodied guitars, then the S2 might not be for you. If you're still reading this, maybe you should just try one... Reliability/Durability: Rock solid. These guitars still look new. My "Bowling Ball" version will be ready for a fret job soon, but it's been played heavily for 15 years, so that's to be expected. Some of the anodizing on the hardware is showing signs of age too, but it's very minimal for a 15 year old instrument. Like the urethane finish, the anodizing is thick and solid, was designed to last a long time, and it will. Ease of Use: Customer Support: Peavey is my favorite major American manufacturer. How many other companies graciously support their older products that have been out of production for 15 years? Overall Rating: I'm a professional guitarist, so I don't have time to mess around with stuff that doesn't work. The S2's give me a consistently good sound, everytime, without spending a fortune, and without sounding like everyone else. If you can't get a good sound out of an S2, I humbly submit that it's not the guitar's fault. Great useable guitar which will almost certainly increase in value if looked after. Comes with a good qualityand good condition hardcase.

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